**2014 Special Offer **

Reboot - Refresh - Renew

Do ever feel like you need to reboot?

You have every right to a live a richer life, happily appreciating each moment as it passes. Often we get caught up in stress, other people’s agendas and deadlines and inner calm and clarity becomes elusive, something for swamis, not real folks. If you could re-evaluate, refresh and recharge, would you give yourself the time and permission to make it a success?

I’m here to help.

This year I’m offering 3 sessions for $269. ┬áThat’s a whopping 40% off!

Together we will deeply, realistically look at your life’s goals… and if you don’t have any that’s fine, we’ll examine the times when you’re at your happiest.

This will be a combination of coaching vs. therapy. I’ll offer you individualized relaxation techniques and help you arrive at some clarity on Purpose and Intent for your life.

Start 2014 Strong: in peace, and clarity, and intention.